lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

El pensamiento cortoplacista sería una forma anacrónica de creación del valor

Many commentators, including management guru Michael Porter7, argue that business’ obsession with short term financial performance, whilst ignoring broader influences that determine long-term success, means they are trapped in an outdated approach to value creation. 
Del "White paper survival of the fittest" (pág. 7) de The travel Foundation. Lo puedes bajar acá, sólo tiene 20 páginas.

Food for thought: Cost savings may be short term in nature as they can level off when you reach your new, sustainable baseline. Therefore, any cost savings in your supply chain should be seen as an investment in the future, rather than as profit. The whole industry must work together to make sure longterm savings are both achievable and viable, such as investigating new ways of collaborating with peers on making the supply chain more sustainable.

La pregunta es si esas utilidades se reflejan en una mejor calidad de vida para trabajadores y población local, ¿Correcto? 

Que tengas un excelente día!

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